J'entends par là - Topic [TUTO] Emblème personnalisée sur BF1 du sur les forums de mazzanoromano.info 2 févr. Comment créer/mettre des emblèmes pour Battlefield 1 choisir l'emblème qui est souhaité; déplier la fenêtre Battlefield 1 de l'emblème et. Bonsoir à tous, quel magnifique jeu Bf1, j'en bave chaque seconde. Voilà, j' aimerais me faire un emblème sur Bf1 en téléchargeant un.

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Niko 23 octobre à Lyo trop beau ces emblèmes!!! Hellriegel now overheats a little bit slower and has increased horizontal recoil. Improve server performance of barbed wire objects in the levels. Improved hit registration for airplanes, especially in close proximity dogfighting. Bomb sight and artillery aiming now uses the water surface to display range instead of the ocean floor.

7 janv. Ça vous est arrivé de voir un emblème dans Battlefield et de vous dire «waouh, c'est génial, j'aimerais vraiment pouvoir faire ça»? Bonne. Certains m'ont demandé comment on fait et donc à la demande de certains je mets un petit tuto pour changer son emblème dans Battlefield 4 pour avoir un. 1 nov. Stay updated on the go with Battlefield™ Companion! Check your stats and customize your loadout. Design your own emblem and catch up on.

Assurez de tout avoir, de emblem. Fermez la console. Et voilà, vous avez votre emblème fraîchement importé! Galerie d'emblèmes Il vous suffit de cliquer sur le nom situé sous l'image pour accéder aux fichiers textes à importer. Une petite dizaine pour le moment mais il y aura des mise à jour quotidiennes, n'hésitez à repasser dans le coin.

Edit : La galerie d'emblèmes étant victime de son succès, elle possède maintenant sa page dédiée. Vous pouvez dorénavant la retrouver dans le menu sur l'accueil du site ou en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous. Scout spotting flares did not work if the player died and airplane spotting flares did not work if the player exited the vehicle, this has now been fixed. Added ground collision on capture flags Fixed so soldier collision does not block pigeon release Improved TAA on PS4 and Xbox One Fix for soldiers running on terrain with the wrong angle.

Fix for squad orders not being reset between rounds in Operations Fixed issue with toggle ADS setting in combination with toggle sprint setting. If a sprinting soldier triggered ADS it would immediately exit both sprint and ADS after starting the ADS animation Fixed an issue where the scroll wheel would rotate the view after disabling raw mouse input Fixed an issue where the horse would not take damage from gas grenades, incendiary grenades and debris.

Fix for end of round transition not always triggering correctly when dead Artillery shell stacks now deal damage corresponding to their FX radius Slightly lowered the loading times between maps Fix for an issue where the player could spawn in with the wrong kit.

Fixed an issue where the player could lose control over vehicles after opening Origin overlay two times Fix issue with emblems being able to color the entire character Fix for players not being able to switch team in TDM Fixed a problem where a player on a horse could get stuck in the debris after the mountain bridge on Sinai Desert collapses Fixed an issue where underwater VFX would trigger when taking damage above water Squads are no longer auto locked if less than three players join a server as a party.


Several fixes for floating props on all maps. Fixed several spawn point issues for War Pigeon. Fixes for artefacts in the water material on Suez.

Adjusted the terrain on several maps to avoid terrain gaps. Fixed graphical artefacts on Ballroom Blitz pond water. Reduced sun flare intensity on Suez and Ballroom Blitz. Removed seam in sky texture on Ballroom Blitz.

Fixed several objects causing vaulting problems. Fires on the ground on Amiens now deals damage to players. Several minor graphical fixes. No longer drawing vehicles or horses with 0 health on the minimap.

Battlefield™ 1 pour PC | Origin

Minimap size option now resets correctly when selecting Reset. Changed title in minimap options from HUD to minimap. Fixed interaction prompt buttons not showing correctly for all vehicle kits. Nametag of local player in squad selection screen is now correctly orange. Fixed several spelling errors. Fix for poor performance in the calibration screen.

Train Behemoth icon now have the correct red color for the enemy team. Updated weapon images shown in Battlepacks. Fixed an issue where the wrong weapon and skin could be displayed in the squad screen.

Fixed pre-round timer sometimes showing two timers above each other.

Battlefield V : Des DLC gratuits pour BF1 et BF4

Fix for score log showing incorrect icons. Fixed tooltips for vehicle functions not showing for some vehicles. Fix for flag capture visual element not showing properly in all cases. Fixed erroneous kill bonus score for incendiary grenade. Fix for showing the wrong amount of collected awards at the end of an Operation. Added hints for both teams in Operations on what to do when a sector falls.

Fix for an issue where the HUD could be visible on screen while transitioning to globe.


Removed order UI in deploy screen and replaced it with an order marker on the objective. Fix for squad and team revive colors being switched.

Fixed death icon jitters on the deploy screen and minimap. Added visible stats for the Villar Perosa. Solved problem with overlapping screen when end of round is triggered when the players is watching intro movie. Adding an option to filter the kill log in the HUD.


You can now choose to show all, squad, self or nearby. Fix for wrong squad being selected in the squad screen.


Fixed an issue where the background would turn black when in the pause menu. Fixed an issue where your tracked medal would not show up correctly in the pause menu. PS4: Fix for missing highlight in Options sub-menu. Xbox One: Fix for distorted fonts. Weapon balance Light Machine Guns were less attractive than other weapon classes, we have given them various forms of adjustments to make them more viable mid-range weapons. Increased aimed accuracy of support machine guns.

Decreased Lewis first shot recoil multiplier. Decreased Huot first shot recoil multiplier. Increased BAR M horizontal recoil. Low Weight machine guns now also gain accuracy faster during fire. Reduced effect of recoil direction slightly and made it scale correctly with recoil modifiers like bipods. Hellriegel now overheats a little bit slower and has increased horizontal recoil.

Slightly reduced Mle reload time. Reduced deploy time of Mle and Repetierpistole M and sped up the deploy animation for a higher energy feeling. Slightly reduced the rate of fire of the Russian Infantry and Sniper and made the time when you can fire again more readable. Changed damage multipliers for buckshot to be more consistent. This will eliminate some unintentionally high and unintentionally low damage hits. Gadget balance Limpet Mines are now indestructible until they detonate.

The Limpet Mine is intended to be timed detonation only. Increased number of magazines for gas and incendiary Tripwire Bombs to 2 to make them more attractive over HE Tripwire Bombs.

Mortars have had a balance pass. Players now have to pick more clearly between slow, accurate fire, and rapid, inaccurate fire. Mortars now require a time after deploy before they are fully accurate. Increased the inaccuracy penalty for firing multiple mortar rounds quickly. Nerazzurr0 23 octobre à Merci bien pour le tuto, parfait. Niko 23 octobre à Y'en a des vraiment réussi.

Mais aucun ne colle a l'epoque. Y'aurait il un mec doué capable de reproduire cet embleme?

Je suis une vraie quiche, alors j'implore votre bonté. Lyo MP 23 octobre à Pour ceux que ça intéresse, on trouve très facilement sur Wikipédia les emblémes des régiments français!

Ici celui du e d'infanterie, le régiment d'Auvergne Là le 44e régiment d'infanterie d'Orléans!